Tram tracks becoming bike lanes

I read this with interest and then checked the state of my unholey bruises…

Evidence of almost seeing the underside of a tram at too close quarters

Having sailed ever so slowly off my bike, crossing two lanes of tram tracks, and landing face down on a main road.

At least passersby commiserated and for once the mainstreet wasn’t that busy…

But if there was a safer solution?


The ‘Bahnradbahnrad’ or ‘Rail Bike’ is a project made by the Hamburg-based art collective WAV (We Are Visual).

While many cities are working to carve out bicycle lanes to accommodate the growing number of urban cyclists, the tram lines are looked from an alternate use perspective that makes a lot of sense; they are solid, networked, already charted through high traffic areas of the city and are thoroughly mapped.

The project took place in Kassel, Germany, where they turned the bike’s vulnerability into a feature; Kassel’s tram tracks now become bike lanes.  A styling alternate use indeed.



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