‘Seniors’ Want Vibrant, Livable Cities Too..

I’ve been busy lately co-writing a paper for Walk21, Munich 2013. As part of the research we’ve been doing a cooks tour of things said about older people and how they want to live into the future.

Not surprising to many of us almost ‘seniors, and according to Richard Florida, ‘seniors’ want to live in culturally rich, vibrant, walkable environments, close to extended family in a city with an accessible airport.

It’s worth chewing over what he is saying.

Over the coming decades catering for the needs of ageing baby boomers will become and increasing challenge.

If we want to keep ‘seniors’ happy, mobile and not dependant on health care and support we need to provide environments which promote active and engaged lives. Florida’s article appears here…

and a live panel version here…

One of the delightful elements of Florida’s vision of ageing is that the cultural and public realm supports required for ‘seniors’ meet most people’s needs across all generations.

If ‘seniors’ happily settle in the city there is not really anything extra they need, just investment in good quality amenity providing for seamless mobility not matter whether you are pushing a pram or walking with a cane.

Well perhaps not everyone. In Victoria over 1:7 of those 55 years+ live in a coastal hamlets immediately abutting the beach.


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