Spatial Equity

A Transport Equity First

It is almost the cup long weekend and time for gardening now.

With our partners Harvest Digital Planning we have just finished our first Equity Impact Assessment in a broader project, Barwon Heads Walks.

It is ground breaking work. We say its just what the Transport Integration Act requires in order to transparently engage communities in decision making about sustainable transport options which prioritise those most vulnerable. See Barwon Heads Mainstreet Walkability

In this EIA, in a small coastal community, there are many areas of with unmade roads and footpaths and some areas with roads and not footpaths. School children are more than a kilometre from school, and older people have no made footpaths from their homes to the mainstreet. Both groups run the gauntlet competing for space with larger faster moving cars and more traffic, most of the year round now.

Our work has been developed to provide an explicit easy to understand decision making base for the community in preparation for a consultation process to follow.

Sure looking forward to seeing how it is used and accepted.


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