Walkability News

Sustainable Transport Metrics

There’s been some really interesting work on walkability this year.

Some of the most fascinating is the multiple bottom line work focussing effort and energy on the social, health, environmental, energy and economic benefits of sustainable transport both in Australia and overseas.

A new and fabulously comprehensive piece has developed by the Institute of Sensible Transport for Queensland on the economic benefits of the integration of sustainable transport into planning

The Premiers Council for Active Living commissioned a palette of work underpinning a awaited NSW Walking Strategy. I was part of the AECOM team on the literature review. Peter McCue presented on this at Integrating Active Transportation and Heath into Municipal and Regional Transportation Planning: Defining the Metrics and Identifying Best Practices following Walk 21 in Vancouver. 

And then there is the work commissioned by Living Streets designed to capture key messages to assist decision makers deliver on sustainable transport.
And finally to our work at Greater Geelong, Movement and Mobility Performance Standards takes the evidence and develops it into implementable and accountable performance standards against the municipal health plan and integrating engineering practice into countable and achievable measures as part of a climate change response.

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