New Street Design Guidance

Over the last few years there’s been a lot of activity re-imagining street design. One of the most visionary is the Visions 2030 Project in the UK. It’s well worth following the website to see the latest developments.

Just this morning I came across new guidance by Los Angeles County which provides really interesting material for thought on designing walking environments to different abilities.

The US Institute of Transport Engineers and the Congress of New Urbanism have recently released Context Sensitive Solutions in Designing Major Urban Thoroughfares for Walkable Communities, an accessible volume describing design concepts including insightful drawings of perspective and scale for liveable and vibrant streets.

In 2010 the UK Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation issues Manual for Streets 2 – Wider Application of Principles designed to compliment the 2008 Manual for Streets  for residential areas. There is also a body of  fabulous research sitting behind the 2008 Manual.

At Walk21 in 2009 New York City Released their new Street Design Manual.

In 2008 City of Greater Geelong published the Award winning Guidelines for Walkable Coastal Communities and Clause 56 Walkability Toolkits. Guidelines for Walkable Coastal Community was developed in collaboration with ageing adults from 2 small coastal communities. The Clause 56 Walkability Toolkit was designed to put health and environmental evidence together with good design principles to deliver walkable environments to new subdivisions.

My favourites, and inspiration for almost a decade now are the Creating Liveable Streets, Green Streets and Trees for Streets series by the Metro in Portland [US]. By all accounts these volumes were the start of rethinking what street environments might provide humans rather than cars.


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