Walkability Chatter

Walking Health and Gender

Its amazing what you find on google. Yes readers for some odd possibly narcissistic reason we googled ourselves… Well actually we were trying to work sharing, emailing and plug in options across iweb and wordpress but we found some quite amazing facts…

A very small article I wrote on walking and public transport is now available in a range of places but resides here…

Another I wrote on the Transport Integration Act is available on sale at Informit. They are also all available for free on our website . Enjoy!

Transport Equity Assessment

The most pleasant surprise from yesterday was an article from David Withington, Strategic Policy Communications Advisor – DoT Legal in the most recent edition of Planning News.

Withington provides a detail on the application of the Transport Integration Act, 2010 [Vic], as well as DoT expectations as well as decision making risks in not applying the Act, as well as fabulous opportunities for sustainable transport in communities where the Act is applied.

The article appears in Planning News, Vol.37 No.10 November 2011, p16-17. The article is  for sale on Informit. Our website contains more information on compliance and decision making obligations.


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